DIY Boho Pom Pom Garland

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This is one of those crafts that has no business being as cute as it is. It's honestly super relaxing. I made mine while watching Django Unchained, so I needed a nice relaxing distraction. Violent Tarantino movies not necessary but not discouraged. 
Here's what you need: 
Yarn - I used Lion Yarns Landscapes in Dessert Spring that can be found here
Sharp Scissors such as these. 
Pom Pom Maker like this one.
My pom pom maker came with a needle with a large eye, but if you don't have one you can get one here. 
Here's my pom pom maker set. They come with several different sizes, but for this garland I used the pink and light blue sizes. It could not be easier to use! You can see they are made up of two halves with "arms" that pull out from the center. 
Start by pulling one set of arms out, holding the yarn, and wrapping from left to right.
Once you're finished with the first arms, fold them back into the center and pull out the second set. 
Wrap! It should be pretty thick, so wrap several layers around the arms. Once you're done, just fold the second set of arms back into the center snip the end. 
Next, with your sharpest scissors, cut the yarn along the groove in the pom pom maker. 
Cut a piece of yarn long enough to wrap around the pom pom, slide it into the groove, and tie it as tight as you can. This is what holds your pom pom together!
Once your yarn is completely cut, pull out the arms and pull the pom pom maker apart. (Mine felt like it was going to break when I first bought it but it did com apart, FYI.) 
Check it out! Puff balls! I love the way this skein of yarn looks all poofed together. 
Next, using a needle with a large eye, string the poofs together.
LOOK HOW ADORABLE! I love. Have fun, experiment, and relax! 


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