DIY Boho Pom Pom Wreath

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I just really adore this pom pom wreath! It’s the perfect pop of color for those “transition months” between holidays, or you could make one holiday specific! Just be warned, they do take a while. Though time consuming, this project is EASY and mindless. I just did mine in the time I spent watching TV where I would normally be scrolling instagram.

Here’s what you need:

Yarn – I used this rainbow yarn and some black/white that I already had in the house

SHARP Scissors or Snips – I tried it with regular scissors but it was SO much easier with these Fiscars Snips

Pom Pom Makers

Wreath Form like the one found here

T-Pins – I used these

Ribbon (Optional)

Hot Glue and Glue Gun (Optional)

This Pom Pom makers are pretty essential for this. This set comes with several different sizes, but for this garland I used the pink and yellow sizes. It could not be easier to use! You can see they are made up of two halves with “arms” that pull out from the center. Start by pulling one set of arms out, holding the yarn, and wrapping from left to right. Once you’re finished with the first arms, fold them back into the center and pull out the second set. Wrap! It should be pretty thick, so wrap several layers around the arms. Once you’re done, just fold the second set of arms back into the center snip the end. Next, with your sharpest scissors, cut the yarn along the groove in the pom pom maker. Cut a piece of yarn long enough to wrap around the pom pom, slide it into the groove, and tie it as tight as you can. This is what holds your pom pom together! Once your yarn is completely cut, pull out the arms and pull the pom pom maker apart. (Mine felt like it was going to break when I first bought it but it did com apart, FYI.) Then all you have to do is give the pom poms a little trim to make them as perfect as possible!

For my wreath, I needed about 45 pom poms, but if yours will likely need more or less depending on the size of the poms and the size of your wreath mold. Just know that you will probably need more than you think you’ll need!

All that I did to add the poms to the wreath was stick them on there with t-pins! In hindsight, I think it might have worked better to add a little hot glue to each one before pinning it on. Also, I would have added a layer of ribbon to the mold before adding poms. I think that would have alleviated the need for a bajillion pom poms to cover the sides of the wreath.

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