Fundraising Case Study: PAHS Track and Field

I'd like to take a minute to talk about fundraising. Since purchasing Canoe Place Creative, I've had the opportunity to work with several teams and organizations to raise money. Today I'd like to focus on my work with the Port Allegany High School Track Team. 

During the course of the season, we ran two fundraisers for the team. The first was a general gator track apparel fundraiser and the second was for the North Tier League Meet. The NTL meet shirts were offered in the colors of every school participating and the athletes were able to choose from three designs. We ran the whole presale online and the team purchased extra shirts to sell at the meet. 

With the money from the two fundraisers, the team was able to purchase hoodies for all the seniors, shirts for each district qualifier, and extra shirts to sell the day of the NTL meet. After those purchases the team was still ahead $129. Once the “day of” shirts were sold at the NTL meet, the grand total fundraising effort pulled in $385 for the team! 

I don't expect you to just take my word that the fundraiser was a success, check out what Coach Aaron clark had to say!

"Lacey at Canoe Place Creative worked with my track and field team at great lengths this season.  We did a t-shirt sale for a large track meet we were hosting.  She did a great job of designing several t-shirts to give athletes a variety of shirts in a variety of colors.  From everything I've been told the shirts were quite popular and well-liked by the athletes and coaches.  Perhaps what I appreciated most about this t-shirt fundraiser was that it was entirely organized online through Lacey's website.  She took all orders and money online which made my job that much easier.  All I had to do was pick up the shirts and hand them out to each team the day of the track meet.  I can't recommend Lacey and Canoe Place Creative enough."

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