Light and Love Stories – Why I Love Photographing Love

I started college as a sociology major and found myself a few years later with a fine art degree. Being a wedding photographer, I am fortunate enough to tell the stories of human beings in love. Lasting love means embracing change, and very few couples represent that better than this one. Elle and Leo have had other photographers document their love story, but I had the honor of being the first one to photograph their love since Leo started living their truest life as a gender nonbinary person. These two are business owners, and run one of the most inclusive salons in the industry. (Not to mention that nobody is touching my hair except Elle ever again.) Their business, WT HAIR, is open to all, and so is mine. Forever and ever and ever.

Leo told me that this tattoo was a little bit crooked, and the doctor who performed their top surgery straightened it out and subsequently my heart immediately melted.

The photo in the front is the first photo Elle and Leo ever took together. It now serves as a reminder of the past and lives in the salon they built together. 

We ended our session with some branding photos! This is something I’ve been wanting to get into for a hot minute, so if you’re in need of branding images let’s chat.    

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