Mother's Day Ring Holder - Kid's Polymer Clay Craft Project

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This is a fun and easy project for kids. It's perfect for Mother's Day! The only things you need are clay, glue, and a little bit of time! For clay, I always use Sculpey brand. It bakes well and holds up! 

First things first, Polymer Clay picks up everything so make sure your work area and your hands are super clean. I have an adorable lab mix who is a major shedder, so we have these pet hair wipes on hand at all times. I use them for everything! I also like to have a makeup remover wipe on hand when working with clay. I find it gets the color off my hands perfectly when switching from one color to another! 

As always, you've got to work the clay in your hands a bit to "loosen it up" with the warmth of your fingers. 

For mine, I marbled the colors together so just separate out the colors you want to use and twist them around! Don't over mix.

Once you're happy with your marbling, roll your clay into a cone shape! After you're happy with your shape, pat the bottom on your surface to flatten it out a bit.

Next, the base! Simply roll out your base color (or colors) into a thin "snake." It should be about 1/4" thick and 2' long. 

Coil it up. Spin your clay in a circle, making sure to pinch certain areas so it stays together.

Now you should have your base and your cone. At this point, bake the clay according to the instructions on the box. I'm going to skip those instructions, because they will be different for every brand of clay.

I just glued my base with a hot glue gun, but you can use super glue if you like. (Either way, I suggest the baking and the glueing be the adult jobs.)

And that's it! So easy and cute. Pefect for a rainy day or a quarantine!

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  • What a great idea when the grandkids want to buy mommy something & I’m a crafter so I have almost everything here so I suggest making something for her because she’d like it so much more! They love that idea.

    June Thompson

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